sample. stack. remix.

Taking on the concept of post-production, defined by Nicolas Bourriaud, The Postproduced Archive highlights how a set of works of art and design can be created on the basis of pre-existing works. According to the author, a growing number of artists and designers reinterpret, reproduce, re-expose or reuse works produced by others as cultural matter available for the creation of their own projects.

The Postproduced Archive explores, both conceptually and formally, the concepts inherent to postproduction as creative strategies, such as appropriation, sampling and remixing. Through its online and printed components, it offers the user the possibility to participate in a construction process that originates different results. Starting from an archive of various editorial projects that mirror the theme, the user can define a customized printed object through the selection of available content (via Print on Demand) as a post-produced extension of the archive.

In this manner, the online archive can be seen as a mutable object that the custom printed artifact seeks to complement, both at the level of media and publication dynamics. Thus, the project is a reflection on the notion of post-production, materialized in the exploration, selection and re-contextualization of contents that constitute a unique publication.

Project developed by Beatriz Ramos,
within the scope of Project II,
of the Master of Communication Design and New Media,
Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.

Design & Editorial
Beatriz Ramos

Editions are printed in
Cover — Paper Cyclus Print 300 g.
Interior — Paper Cyclus Print 170g.

Lisbon, 2017

Technical Support
Pedro Ângelo

Coordenation & Guidance
Luísa Ribas

All contents, images and texts
are the property of the authors.

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