[A]Live Cash

Wealth is no longer material

Yago Murakami


[A]Live Cash is an audiovisual installation/website that explores the visualization and sounding of monetary transactions in bitcoins, creating an ephemeral and delicate space that presents, in real-time, the frequency and value of these transactions.


The visual representation of the transactions is made through spheres, having their size, shape and sound increased according to the value of each transaction. Acute sounds with low volume, allied to well-defined spheres, correspond to cent transactions, while intense low frequency sounds and diffuse forms represent larger transactions. At the exact moment the transaction is computed, an equation converts the value of bitcoin into dollars, and then into a graphic form, sound, position, and direction of animation.


The contemplative dimension of the project, which is evidenced in the installation format, comes from the audiovisual expression and the dynamics, or variability, resulting from the fluctuation of the data in real-time. The website complements this dimension with information on the theme, project and milestones referring to accumulated bitcoins, single value and monetary accumulation.


The cluster of transactions depends solely on the situation in which the market is. Being extremely volatile and unstable, the work can vary according to extremely active or inactive moments of the market, with the possibility that Bitcoin could attain such a high price that the visualization would only present enormous spheres and very low pitch sounds. By representing organically the current moment of the market and the life of Bitcoin, as well as its unpredictability, the project proposes a reflection on the possibility of purely digital immaterial goods.

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