Atlas of the (Probable) universe

The (un)explored Universe

Ana Caçador
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The quest for ‘truth’ is inherent to science, through the discovery of laws and the formulation of theories that contribute to an understanding of what surrounds us. But the study of the universe is still a field with a lot to be unveiled. It is under this premise that the theme “The Universe is largely unexplored” rests, addressing the enigmas presented by the Universe and for which there are still no answers.


According to this motto, the project promotes exploration as a process to aquire knowledge, as well as the concepts of probability or possibility in order to raise awareness of the roles of curiosity and imagination in scientific discovery. By these means, it tries to incite learning through discovery with the use of ludic strategies.


The Atlas of the (Probable) Universe consists of a web page containing interactive and animated content. Users are compelled to explore the Universe in search of various concepts through the fulfilment of ‘missions’. Each mission corresponds to a concept and is subdivided into topics, which are dispersed in space and materialised in animations. These animations explain accepted theories and possible theories, together and in confrontation, encouraging a predisposition to learn and to consider the possibilities still open in science. These missions seek to emphasize the extent of what is yet to be explored in the Universe.


The contemplation of the possibilities of explaining the phenomena of the Universe thus emerges from the dialogue between pre-existing knowledge and new data, and between thinking and imagination, emphasising their respective roles in the evolution of our understanding of the Universe.