Visions of light

Joana Santos


Observing the night sky is an activity that privileges the pleasure of discovery. Moved by curiosity, some wish to know the stars, others tend to question the patternĀ of the constellations, and there are those who are interested in knowing the sky beyond what sight allows them to reach. As an educational tool in astronomy, this project proposes a way of communicating the diversity and dynamics of the night sky, which may incite curiosity and promote the discovery of constellations.


The medium of choice is paper as a physical and tactile element that, given its versatility and flexibility, stands out as a potential candidate for the integration of electronics. This combination of paper (old media) and electronics (new media) seeks to appeal to the user’s engagement, by providing interactive experiences that arouse curiosity about scientific knowledge.


The northern and southern celestial hemispheres are represented in two interactive panels that explore the duality between what is, and is not, immediately within the reach of our vision. In turn, thirteen of the constellations are represented individually in a set of interactive postcards. They consist of the constellations that are traversed by the apparent path of the Sun on the celestial sphere over a year, as it is observed from Earth. Assuming a didactic approach, this Kit seeks to reveal the complexity and dynamics of the night sky, and unravel some of its secrets, as visions of light that materialize stars and constellations.