Conversations with Eliza:

Venus as an A.I.

Pedro Costa


Artificial intelligences (A.I.s) are an increasingly imperative response to the problems of the human being, which resorts to technologies in search of quick, simple and effective solutions. Taking the form of assistants or helpers, A.I.s are often assigned the female gender in accordance with these functions. Thus, Conversations with Eliza focuses on A.I.s femininity, seeking to explore the issues that this trend in gender attribution may raise.


The project develops as a web platform that elucidates on what the A.I.s are, articulating with an assistant chatbot, whose function is to explain its own creation process. The project expands with the development of three chatbots implemented on platforms such as Facebook messenger or Twitter, referring to the contexts in which the bots normally operate. Each bot takes on a particular archetype, characteristic of A.I.s (Orphan, Mother and Ruler) relating to female stereotypes that manifest and become evident as they interact with the user.


Through this interaction, Conversations with Eliza seeks to incite reflection on the predominance of the female gender in artificial intelligence, particularly in situations of subordination. Essentially, it seeks to emphasize how these bots reinforce ‘traditional’ gender roles and, potentially, accentuate cultural stereotypes.

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