Dynamic Sky

Between imagination and science

Rita Rodrigues
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Drawing on the exploration of online forms of production and dissemination of content, and under the perspective of the communication of science, the project Dynamic Sky focuses on the understanding and contemplation of the sky and of the Universe. It focuses on its diversity and dynamics with suggestive images, which can arouse curiosity and interest in scientific knowledge, but also foster imagination.


The motto “research, compile, publish”, used by Paul Soulellis in his Library of the Printed Web which gathers print publications of online content, becomes the main thematic and methodological reference. Dynamic Sky thus explores the collection and recontextualization of images that depict astronomical phenomena, which are often associated with fanciful naming, given their suggestion power. These images of galaxies and nebulae are then gathered together in a printed publication that seeks to promote astronomy literacy by confronting scientific knowledge and imagination.


The ensemble of publications articulates different images with poetic contents, legends and myths or quotes relating to the sky and the stars, contrasting these with scientific facts that explain the depicted phenomena. Dynamic Sky proposes an approach to communicating astronomy that takes advantage of the plastic and suggestive nature of the images, while exploring and exposing the relations between imagination and scientific knowledge.

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