Fragments of technological mediation

Lucas Gom├ęz
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As a socially and culturally constructed phenomenon, collective memory is the result of a public articulation, always mediated by a gesture, a word or a technology. The ephemeral or permanent, significant or anodyne, character of an event is built around the technological resources that intervene in its communication. For Nicolas Bourriaud, this phenomenon of mediation enables a transfiguration of information as a sensitive matter, allowing its reproduction and reinsertion into the cultural fabric.


With the aim of producing an editorial object, the project is based on the collection, analysis and editing of information published in digital media about a cultural event. As a reflexive and formal experimentation exercise, it makes use of social networks and of the interactions and fragments of information generated around an event, as a form of meta-documentation. As an editorial project, it explores the concept defined by Alessandro Ludovico as post-digital publishing, which places publishing in the dilution of boundaries between old and new media, through the crossing and dialogue between the digital and the print medium. The print edition thus becomes a nexus between the physical and digital dimensions and their roles in mediating an event.


The event approached in this edition is the biennial of contemporary art BoCA Bienal 2017, via published and shared content on the social network Facebook over time. The information published on Instagram, websites, blogs and national and international press, converge in the timeline of the event, generating a web of information and social interaction metrics.


Following an experimental approach, [Im]permanence seeks to take creative and aesthetic part of media complementarity and their publishing dynamics, by exploring the quantitative, qualitative and relational dimensions of the information that circulates online, as the residual memory of an ephemeral event.

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post-digital publishing