Our World

Preserving the universe

Joana Pedreira


Climate change is the biggest environmental threat of the last century. Much of these temperature variations in the past are attributed to changes in the Earth’s orbit and to the amount of solar energy received, but nowadays we know that the present temperature rise is closely linked to the human action on the planet. The progressive release of carbon dioxide results in an increase of the greenhouse effect and, consequently, in global warming.


Our World explores four environmental problems: the increase of the Earth’s temperature, the increase of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the thaw and the rise of the sea level. Using data on the evolution of climate change over the years, made available by NASA, it compares the different epochs and tries to reveal the significant way in which these changes have recently evolved towards a point of no return.


The data are represented in order to express the rhythm at which these changes occur, addressing each environmental problem in sonified infographics, presented online as an animated way. Assuming an informative nature, the visualisations seek to facilitate the reading of variations in the data, which is given a sonorous expression for a more immediate perception of its evolution. Thus, the project seeks to raise awareness on climate change through representation strategies that complement and reinforce each other, both on an expressive and perceptual level.

the data

climate change