Leonardo Serralheiro


Approaching dualities such as over-exposure and privacy, which emerge from the current proliferation of data, post_panopticon.www: afuckingdidacticeducational.project addresses how virtual space is configured as a synoptic control space. With the spread of social media and technological devices, a mutual mass surveillance zone is created, adding to the ubiquitous networks where “the many observe the few”, as Thomas Mathiesen concludes. The availability of (public or private) user data is now inherent to subtle contemporary control systems. Faced with this potential massive observation through data, this project addresses the growing need for not being “seen” in contemporary society.


Based on the instructional video installation How Not To Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .Mov File (2013), in which Hito Steyerl approaches a world where not being seen can be simultaneously oppressive and liberating, post-panopticon.www:afuckingdidacticeducational.project takes a didactic approach. The project materializes as an online platform that explores concepts and techniques of protection, privacy and invisibility, by revealing methods and resources to subvert overexposure. Throughout the browsing process the user is progressively confronted with plugins that allow him to destroy, obfuscate and replace information, or even erase his online existence.


Post_panopticon.www:afuckingdidacticeducational.project seeks to promote a reflection on the (voluntary or involuntary) delivery of data, through an exploration of languages and tools, characteristic of the web and of the technological devices that accompany us in our daily life. It aims to raise awareness on the cultural, political and economic impact of the data we produce, alluding to the potential, and often hidden, consequences of this form of exposure.

the data / the web

society of control