We are made of star dust

Isabel Franco

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Supernova explores gamification from the perspective of visualization and communication of scientific information, through the development of a didactic object. Taking on the motto “Astronomy is very close to our daily life”, and according to a playful perspective, the project focuses on the sub-theme “The materials that form our body have their origin in star dust”.


In the form of an application for mobile devices, the project invites the user to explore the elements that form our body and that had their origin in stars billions of years ago. The application aims to introduce concepts, organized according to thematic categories, which cover the origin of the chemical elements, the life cycle of the stars, the formation of planet Earth and elements that are essential to life.


Each thematic category involves different levels of knowledge, which are associated to interactive challenges that the user is invited to complete. Through strategies such as the progressive disclosure of content, feedback along the navigation progress, as well as rewards related to the completion of challenges and acquisition of knowledge, the project seeks to create an engaging learning experience.


This approach to the communication of scientific knowledge intends to actively involve the user in the exploration of astronomy concepts, revealing how this scientific area, which often seems complex and distant, is in fact very close to our daily life.

the app